The Good Life

by Duncan Jones

A gazelle alone approached the throne
“I’ve got a proposition …
It’s consequential
So much potential
But of course needs your permission …

Hear me …

It’s clear with just a glance my way
That I’ve lived my life untouched
Yeah they hide and spy, oh
But I can fly so
I frustrate them so much

Yet I have not a thing to show
No respect from all the land
But all that could change
If you’d just arrange
And simply wave your hand!”

Laughed the giant lion loudly
As he looked around his court
“You can tell my queens
Are all rather keen
To have me cut this meeting short …

But I must admit I like your style
Yes you are a rarity
And though I’ll say you’re bold
What’s still not been told
Is how to make this good for me?”

“I thought you’d never ask me sire
I assure it’s all been thought
Let me bring within view
The news you’re into
Help you keep the life you got

See, I can go where you must hide
Be it night or light of day
Bring an eavesdropped word
Or even spook the herd
Maybe send a few your way …

It’s a plan so wicked, fiendish
It’s sweet enough to make you wince
With me you’ll walk between-a
Every zebra, hyena
And every rival prince!”

Again, once more the lion roared
This time reached out and smiled
“I like your dream
Come join my team!
Now let’s go and own the wild!”

And with that their evil deal was sealed
And the two, they had a time
Living lives of ease
With no “thanks” or “please”
Just a partnership in crime

In fact it worked so well for both
That the two grew rather spoiled
The king strayed not
From his perfect spot
The gazelle lived like a royal

Until one night under moonlight bright
The gazelle could not be found
And who was that?
Another giant cat!
Who strolled the royal ground

The king jumped up to rouse his queens
But he found he was alone
Just a vulture near
On a night so clear
In the moonlight as it shone

“Tell me what’s the meaning of this?
Who’s that cat? Where is my pride?”
Snapped the vulture back
At the king’s attack
“They’ve all joined another side

While you enjoyed your good life
You forgot the rules my son
As for your gazelle, well
He tripped and fell
For it had been a while since he’d run

Now though you must be angry
I suggest you think before you roar
Because the bells, they ring
And the kingdom sings
But … just not for you no more!
You acted like a child …
Thought you could own the wild …
And now …
You ain’t the king no more!”